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We are just finishing the first quarter of 2017 and we are already very close to depleting our funds due to the volume of requests and cost of the emergency services required. Thanks to our veterinary partners, they have provided discounts of over $4,400.

In 2016, the Chester Foundation was pleased to help 102 best friends recover from medical emergencies that their humans could not afford. Our support can be measured by more than the number of pets we helped, but also by the dozens of others we redirected to programs that were a better fit. Serving as a resource in a crisis is just part of what we do. Our volunteers also attend community events where we share information on programs that are available for spay and neuter, and other important aspects of taking the best care of a pet. To read some of the stories of pets we have helped, visit our Happy Endings page. If you are fortunate enough to have funds you can donate, please visit our Support page and choose an amount that best suits your budget. Thank you for caring!


Animals Served:

Dogs Helped in 2017

Cats Helped in 2017

Animals of the Homeless

Dogs Helped in 2016

Cats Helped in 2016

Animals of the Homeless